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Privacy Policy

Personal Information

We use personally-identifiable information (such as your email address) that you've given us to provide services requested by you (such as sending you newsletters) and for complying with legal requirements. Your personal information will never be sold, rented or given away. We won't send you any advertising unless you give us permission, and any advertising messages will include an option to unsubscribe immediately. We will remove any personal information you've given us if you ask us to.

Anonymous Information

We collect anonymous information (which doesn't give us any way to identify individual users) about usage of this web site and our games and apps. This includes information such as which pages of our web site have been viewed, how often users use our apps, which levels of our games are played most often, and crash reports which tell us which part of code was running when our apps have crashed. This information is used to analyze usage for business purposes, for investigating errors, anomalies, or potential breaches, and for complying with legal requirements.

Our web sites use Google Analytics, and our games and apps use Google's Firebase analytics and other services. Google describe how they use your data here. We do not allow Google to share our data with their other products and services, so they aren't allowed to use it for targeting advertising, for example.

Personal and anonymous information may be stored or transmitted worldwide but will always be used in accordance with this policy.

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